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for Health and Wellness

Physical Therapy services with flexible scheduling at your home or office. You will receive top notch services, 1:1 attention with personalized treatment plans, and email/phone access directly to your therapist, aimed for faster and superior outcomes. 

Pilates for Rehabilitation

1:1 Pilates instruction with a Registered Physical Therapist to continue to help you on your road to recovery.Pilates is a great way to elongate and strengthen your body, improving flexibility and joint range of motion. We focus on proper breathing, correct spinal and pelvic alignment, and smooth, seamless movement while continuing to build a strong core. 

TRX Sports Medicine for Rehabiliation

We offer 1:1 TRX training with Sports Medicine TRX Qualified Therapists. No machines or weights- just your body weight and exceptional instruction on how to continue on your road to recovery. TRX is a suspension system that focuses on core recruitment and stability while building strength, flexibility, and balance. All programs are designed to promote safe and effective recovery from any injury. 

Strengthening and Conditioning

Physical Therapy is the preferred choice of treatment for improving your strength, endurance,flexibility, and balance following any injury or complication related to chronic disease. You will work closely with a skilled therapist to address problems areas to help you return to your prior functional level.

Pain Management and Injury Prevention

Low back pain, neck pain, or joint pain related to osteoarthritis or injury?  Physical Therapy can play a crucial role in managing pain through manual therapy, postural awareness, strengthening, flexibility, and body mechanics.

You can also book one of our Rest Stop Recovery session which includes gentle stretching, manual therapy, vibration massage, hot/cold therapy, and kinesio-taping. (**modalities used may vary depending on assessment and needs as determined by therapist)

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